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Blender Institute is an independent award-winning animation studio based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2007 by producer and computer graphics pioneer Ton Roosendaal , it has released highly successful Open Movie Projects, such as Big Buck Bunny, Sintel, the Caminandes series and Cosmos Laundromat.

The Blender Institute team is currently working on its first feature film, based on the iconic Agent 327 comic series, originally created by Dutch legend Martin Lodewijk.

Agent 327 Movie

Blender Institute is currently developing its first animated feature film, based on the celebrated Dutch comic character Agent 327. This adventurous comedy is targeted at an international market.

Thanks to the Blender open source project, known by millions of people, we have a large network of artists and developers world-wide. We've pioneered crowd-funding and are self-supportive thanks to an innovative cloud platform. Blender Institute seeks for additional funding to kickstart the production in the Netherlands of a high-end 3D animated CG feature film.

Click on the links to learn more about our in-house Open Source pipeline tools and about the Agent 327 project.

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